I’m Just Winning!!!!!

Tomorrow “in11months” officially begins and in spite of a not so great start to this challenge, I am still maintaining a highly optimistic state of mind regardless. I just need to focus on my past successes. Losing 55 pounds amongst them and others. I’m going to borrow Charley Sheen’s now (in)famous quote and simply say “I’m just winning!” It may have sounded stupid when he said it, but it resonated with me in a certain way. Because I have just made off-the-cuff decisions and made major changes without therapy, without coaches, without books or medication or chocolate or herbal teas. Change your mind, change your life. Every day is a new day and I am born again and have the ability to make my own choices. All the choices I make now have to move me forward towards my goals which will be spelled out over the next few days as “in11months” begins.


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A man on a mission to change his entire life in just 11 months. View all posts by in11months

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