80 And Not A Cloud in The Sky – But Know Thy Triggers!

Today was the all around perfect day in Florida – 80 and sunny and low humidity. Unfortunately I enjoyed none of it! But that is OK, because I finished unpacking. Actually, slept in a little late, 9am, got ready and went to the the gym and had a great workout. Ran some errands and then had to race home….the couch delivery guys were early. Couch looks amazing and matches my rug perfectly. Then I spent the rest of the day unpacking and organizing. Every time I went out on the lanai to put something in the outside closet I was overcome with the NEED to go to the pool and lay out and read. But I looked at my list of “triggers” – the things that make my life miserable. Though not in any particular order, “Being Unorganized” was number one. I took a look around the mess that was all about in the condo and asked myself, “Is this organized?” Hah!!!! So far and beyond so. So I put on some Burning Spear and got to work. I got everything unpacked and the condo looks lived in and not still being moved in to.

But there is still much to be organized. What was once all neatly organized in a filing cabinet (which weighed 100 pounds and took up 50 square feet and I got  rid of in the move) is now all sitting (read: thrown into) a colorful red box which adds to the decor, but what is hidden within is a nightmare of organizational hell – a four hour project in its own right. Incidentally because I owned a business, I have to keep all of the files an records, so I have to carry with me about 4 crates of paperwork for the next 7 years. I am also reluctant to throw away things like credit card bills, medical statements, receipts, and anything else somewhat official that involves money that is ever handed to me. So I have entirely too much space devoted to that nonsense. Of course hidden within hundreds of items there is going to be that one thing that I will need to dig out one day for some reason or another. Well, maybe one day it will rain all weekend and I will get a chance to finish that project.

Organizationally , mostly what is left aside from paperwork hell, albeit nicely concealed in stylish Ikea boxes, are Fisher’s things. I didn’t quite realize what losing a bedroom would do….didn’t realize how much stuff a 3 year old could possibly have. Where did he get all of this stuff? And I threw it all out…or so I thought. I even threw more out today. I am convinced, I threw more out in this move than I actually moved. Right now all of his toys are in ugly plastic containers and all of his clothes are in huge duffle bag.

Well, gotta get ready…off to a movie… Perhaps I’ll be in the mood to review it tomorrow in depth. This movie plot is actually similar to a screen play idea I came up with when I was in graduate school.


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