Now I Want to Stay

About a year ago Stacy literally took me kicking and screaming into a YMCA to work out. I did not want to go!!! I did not want to be there and while I was there I was counting the minutes…seconds….until I could get out of there. I had been working out, but it was in my condo complex gym which was usually empty and not filled with sweaty people, testosterone and gym smell. OK, I sound whiney, but I really am not a gym guy. I like to get my exercise playing sports or doing sport like activities like rollerblading or biking or kayaking or swimming or tennis…you get the picture. Stacy dragged me many more times to the gym and I still wasn’t with her program. Finally we joined a really nice club on Harbor Island in November. I figured that spending that kind of money would force me to go…which it did. I still was in the “practice” of only going with her (until recently), but I slowly started to enjoy it more and more and the desire to get out of there definitely dissipated. Last night, for the first time I can honestly say, I was definitely more jazzed about going than she was and DEFINITELY didn’t want to leave. We were lifting weights and she came and found me and said, “I am going to start abs now, do you want to join me?” This is the step we do right before hitting cardio upstairs on the treadmills. I was thinking, “Abs? I just got here!” And I said that to her. I did some quick power lifts and had to skip the abs because by the time I was done with that she was on her way upstairs. The half hour power walk felt like 5 minutes…. You can teach an old dawg new tricks!!! Besides, I couldn’t possibly let my 5′ 0, 100lb lady out-lift and out-run me….could I????

My current club: Harbor Island Athletic Club and Spa


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