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Had a wonderful time with my Fisher last night. Amazing how fast 2.5 hours can fly by. I haven’t seen him in a while because of the move and then he went to his grandparent’s for 10 days or so but it is still so fascinating to see how much they can change in such a short amount of time. Jenny bought a packet of recent school pictures and they did something with his hair, that combined with the outfit he was wearing, and I swear that my 3 year old looks like he is 8! I am sorry to say, I didn’t even recognize my own child. He just got his hair cut again so he doesn’t have his “Fisher-esque” swag about him right now – he looks so much better with long hair. It reminds me of my dog Dandelion, an Old English Sheepdog, growing up. She had very long hair but since everyone in my family neglected to brush her, she would get matted up and we would have to have her hair shaved to the bone every 6 months or so. I was thoroughly convinced her personality was completely different when she had the short hair. She was so much more “in herself”, she was Dandelion when she had long hair – more swag, more confidence, more persona. Oddly, Fisher calls his short cut his “daddy” cut – but I have medium long hair. I used to have short hair. Anyway, Jenny doesn’t like long hair on men so that is that.

Jenny and I discussed sports programs for Fisher last night because he does demonstrate an extremely high aptitude for sports – seems to take to and like anything involving a ball – not unusual for a boy, but he is highly coordinated. And here is where some discussion about “in11months” begins my friends…

I want Fisher to have at least as fantastic as a childhood that I had but at this point if he has half the privileges I enjoyed I would be happy. I am finding that I can’t afford to send my son to a soccer camp at the YMCA.


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