Push Me Off This Cliff Please

I have read so many self-help books and find it pervasive in Positive Psychology and in LOA (The Secret) and  Joel Osteen and Oprah and in so many Blogs that I read: “Get over what you have been told about yourself, the limiting thoughts….ultimately the fear that is holding you back from achieving and ALL of your dreams and everything else will magically fall in place!” What I don’t see much of is how do you actually accomplish this monumental task of getting over your fear. Its kind of like telling someone who is depressed to snap out of it. Or someone that is afraid of the dark to get over it. There has to be a a step-by-step manual to take someone through the “letting go” process which needs to be written by someone that was once scared, took the leap and landed in success or whatever it was that they were after. One thing that I have worked with lately that has stretched my capabilities and helped me to accomplish more has been this simple formula: pain<reward. The pain is less than the reward. This is of particular use for procrastinators like me.

Well, what I am really after is a book that takes the reader step by step through the process of building the confidence and shedding the fear in order to take that giant leap forward – off the cliff if you will  – into the world of fulfilling your wildest dreams. Anyone have any suggestions?


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