Soon to be in 10 Months!

Ok, it has been nearly a month since I started down this road “in11months” so now we are ticking down to 10 months. At first glance, judging from my blog entries it may appear as though not too much has been done or accomplished. However, I have made a lot of progress on Twitter and have spent an enormous amount of time and energy learning and starting to develop relationships with people that are either in the same boat or are coaches or mentors. I “follow” almost 1000 twitter accounts which is just insane – many people follow tens of thousands. This is like 5-20 new tweets coming in every second. Impossible to keep up with, so I have gotten very good at skimming really fast for something that looks good. Long story short, most of my efforts have been concentrated on Twitter and not so much on this Blog. But I am going to swing that back around now and start laying down the groundwork.

The most important components of my challenge are:

1) Making more money – not asking to be a millionaire, but I am making what I made 11 years ago which, because of inflation, means I am way worse off at 41 then I was at 30. I just got a 2% raise (the highest possible at my company) – inflation will probably run at 5% at least this year. So my standard of living will decrease about another 3% this year. I am worth far more than what I am paid. This was a fantastic job that fell in my lap at the right time when I needed a job – when Jenny and I separated. But even if my salary went up 25% or even 50%, it really wouldn’t matter…I need something else in my life now.

2) I want flexibility. Having already owned a retail store/business for many years I know what it is like to have your own business. The hours are long but they are yours. I need a job where I set my own hours. Right now I get 10 days of vacation – no sick days and no personal days and 5 holidays. I would like to have more time to travel, spend with family and be able to enjoy my many hobbies. Not that I am not willing to work my butt off, but I also need more flexibility and time off. I am also an outdoors person. Being indoors all day for 9 hours sitting down (very unhealthy) in front of an LCD screen just does not float my boat – it borders on torture. Not that I need constant up time either. I like the mix. When I was a professional photographer I had shoots where I was running around outside like a maniac and then the processing stage in front of the computer. It mixed things up nicely.

3) Most importantly, I need to be working on something I am highly passionate about. If you enjoy what you do it isn’t working. I have many passions – to a fault. And this is the crux perhaps of what in11months is all about. It isn’t so much “finding” a passion in my case. It’s picking one and sticking with it. And picking the one that is going to give me the best bang for the buck. Putting all limiting thoughts behind, I think I can be good and successful at any one of them. But I do allow some doses of reality settle in and I do need these reality checks – but without allowing them to be controlling, self-defeating, limiting beliefs.

So in conclusion: A time flexible job, making decent money doing something I love to do! Is it really that hard??? Why is this so seemingly challenging to create for myself?


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