Transitive Causal Relations (CRTs)

If one ever takes the time (and has an excellent and clear, unfettered memory) to review how they ended up where they are in their current life situation it might amaze how one singular event, seemingly insignificant at the time, has had an obvious and demonstrative effect on their present state. It actually happens all the time, perhaps billions of times a day, one small decision that delays or accelerates your movement by one second could mean the difference between life and death. Ever witness a car accident right in front of you or someone running a red light? And you think, “If I hadn’t stopped in the parking lot to tie my shoe…” I am not referring to these things. Call them whatever you like fate or luck or whatever your belief may be, they really are out of our control and 99% of the time we are unaware of them. Merely writing this blog post may be setting me up for disaster or something fantastic to happen or will have no effect whatsoever on my day today. I am calling upon the moments in your life, perhaps years or even decades ago, that you can pinpoint have unequivocally made you what you are today. A chain reaction like falling dominoes all set in motion from one really smart or one really dumb decision. Can you think of one of those?


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